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Meet the Executive Team

The team

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In 1999, the vision of Ann Marie Production began as a publishing and production company for women of color who needed a national outlet for their published works and plays. 


However founder, Julia Dudley, discovered the many trials and tribulations independent producers would go through in trying to get their TV pilots on nationwide TV broadcasts; Julia went through the same challenge, hitting a brick wall at every turn. 


In 2009, she decided to create her own broadcast TV, mobile TV and internet TV channels as one mass network--Ann Marie Pro TV, (AMPTV) to establish a venue for urban indie producers to showcase and broadcast their work nationally and internationally.

Founder, Publisher& Executive Producer

Julia Dudley Najieb

Julia Dudley Najieb is the chief executive officer of Info Media Distribution (Info-MD) which creates original video content and online news copy to be distributed through its several offline and online news media, video, and audio podcast platforms.

     Info-MD manages online media platforms AMPTV, ONME TV, BLENDED TV, BeTuned TV, SpaSho Wellness TV and Inner Hero TV.

    Regionally, for the California area, Info-MD produces and distributes offline and online news programming from a Black perspective for ONME News, a California-based digital news media platform, and The ONME Network, which is a culmination of original news audio and video podcasts, distributed throughout California, featuring hyper-local and California-wide news and issues relative to the Black experience.  Dudley Najieb is executive producer and publisher of The ONME Network.

     ONME, which stands for “One New Media Expression,” expanded its digital and offline footprint over the last several years from the Central Valley to the Silicon Valley and East Bay Black communities of California for its public access TV audiences, featuring its popular news video podcasts such as It’s ONME Local, ONME News Headlines, The Ken McCoy Entertainment Report, News and Coffee with Joquoya Murphy, News Too Real with Julia Dudley Najieb and California Upcoming Events with Jordan Murphy. 

     Dudley Najieb has managed and produced original, regional, TV news programming for Bounce TV, local NBC & CBS affiliate TV channels, and nationwide business channel, BizTV.


     She has interviewed various national prominent figures such as:  Martin Luther King III, Congressman John Lewis, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Betty Shabazz, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, Wallace Deen Mohammed, Kool Moe Dee, Run-D.M.C., Essence Magazine Editor in Chief Emeritus Susan Taylor, US Chamber of Commerce Ron Busby, former California Black Chamber of Commerce President Aubry Stone, Coach Ken Carter, motivational speaker Les Brown, and presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and many other national prominent personalities throughout the years.    

     She has also covered key news events such as first-term presidential candidate Barack Obama, President Bill Clinton, Spike Lee, Bernice King, and O. J. Simpson. 

      As a published author, the San Jose, CA native who currently resides in Fresno, CA, Dudley Najieb was recently featured in the Travel Channel original paranormal series, The Dead Files: He Lurks where she was the featured author in season 17, episode 2 regarding mass murderer, Marcus Wesson; Dudley Najeib documented, wrote and published the first book on this infamous family murder.


     She was also featured in 2017 as an expert in TV ONE's nationally syndicated docudrama Thou Shalt Not, where episode four, Holy Terror, documented the mass killing of Marcus Wessons' family.

    Dudley Najieb attended Hampton Institute and CSU, Fresno, receiving her BA in Journalism, minor in French, minor in marketing, California Clear Teaching Credential in English and a number of other certifications and professional degrees.


    Receiving numerous awards for her community involvement, Dudley Najieb’s most recent awards include the California Ethnic Media 2020 Awards from Ethnic Media Services and California Black Media for her in-depth election reporting in California and the  2020 Producer of the Year from Central Valley-based public access TV station, CMAC for her endeavors in reporting regional ethnic news to residents through the broadcasted TV news vodcasts. Her most prestigious community award includes the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. from the Iota Na Lambda Alumni Chapter:  The Second Annual Black and Old Gold Community Service Award in the area of Love for All Mankind.

     Dudley Najieb has written and produced off-Broadway plays Bench Memoirs, A Plane Life  and A Black Woman’s Cry for Peace which premiered in New York City and throughout California; movies Reparation Lost and Stars too High, produced & directed original TV show TRACKLIVE; worldwide-published true crime novel Marcus Wesson:  Mysterious Web of Deception and numerous television shows bringing 30+ years of expertise in the fields of journalism, broadcasting, and film production.

Chief Operations Officer

Lennice Najieb Muhammad, chief operations officer for his company, Info Media Distribution (INFO-MD,) is the key marketing analyst who examines market trends among Black niche viewing and listening audiences and Black businesses.

Najieb Muhammad also forms essential and effective collaborations with national TV and online media conglomerates, helping INFO-MD to expand its media properties he co-founded:  The ONME Network, a digital news network, as well as an offline and online TV network serving California; Black Headline News, an online, digital national, news network and offline TV network and BLENDED TV, an online, digital news network featuring news articles and videos relative to green technology and climate change.

In the community, Najieb helps with marketing and advertising for non-profit organizations needing help with fundraising projects, such as the African-American Museum and KOFP Radio, both located in the Central Valley of California. He is also a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Epsilon Beta Chapter, often helping in service projects to help members of the community in need.

Najieb Muhammad’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics with an emphasis in statistics & probability from CSU, Fresno; a minor in philosophy from CSU, Fresno; a Master of Education in Cross-Cultural Teaching, and a California Clear Teaching Credential in Single-Subject Mathematics.

Lennice Najieb MUHAMMAD

Executive News Producer

Joquoya K. Murphy is an executive producer at AMPTV and an executive news producer for ONME News, where she trains, develops and manages video content producers across a variety of mediums, including podcasts, and news articles.


In addition to her work with ONME News, Joquoya has worked with organizations, locally and globally, on creative direction, corporate social responsibility, public relations, and brand strategy.  She is also a coach, mentor, and talent manager.


Joquoya has a Master of Communication and Media degree, from Rutgers State University of New Jersey, where she specializes in corporate social responsibility and strategic organizational communication. She also served as the president of the graduate program. She completed her undergraduate degree at California State University, Fresno receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications and Journalism with an emphasis in public relations.


Joquoya is committed to sustainability, equality, and creativity for the next generation of young professionals.

Jocuoya murphy

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