Hashtag HollywoodSoWhite: Group Aims to Flip the Script on Tinseltown’s Lack of Diversity

The Hollywood Diversity Association (HDA), a Los Angeles area organization, is taking an important first step in a broader effort to add more color to the boardrooms, workforce and on-screen talent lineup in Tinseltown.

Next week, on June 7, the group is bringing Entertainment industry leaders together for a critical first conversation intended to push the diversity in Hollywood discussion. Titled “Where Do We Go From Here?’” the event will be held at 6:30 PM at the Intercontinental Hotel in Century City.

“We all heard about the criticisms of the Oscars and how the Academy did not include minorities in the award process,” says James D. Pittman, HDA co-founder. “The recent research is extremely clear. There is a problem in Hollywood and we must do something about it.”

Although America is becoming more and more diverse, Hollywood – our familiar shorthand for the multi-billion dollar American film and television industry – has some major catching up to do.

According to the 2016 “Hollywood Diversity Report: Busine$$ as Usual,” compiled by the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA, minorities only played 13 percent of leading roles in major films in 2015. They only directed only 12 percent of those films.

Those numbers are particularly disturbing because, in total, minorities make up about 38 percent of the total United States population.

“The data is abysmal,” says UCLA professor Dr. Darnel Hunt, who heads the Bunche Center that