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AMPTV partners up with powerful mobile and online urban gurus


(FRESNO, CA) – Digital online TV programming, online shopping, and social media have become the adaptable norm to mobile devices, as companies and content producers compete to grasp mass audiences whose lives are addicted to every aspect of their cellular device.

In fact, digital TV has spawned a new era for urban indie TV networks such as Ann Marie Production’s AMPTV, who has recently negotiated partnerships with several black online networks who are catering to urban and black audiences or providing for non-black entities to reach international and national black audiences.

One key goal the AMPTV channel has pursued over the last several months is filling its online TV network with content producers needing an outlet for their urban news, films, webisodes, radio talk shows and other information relevant to black communities.

Most importantly, it has sought to provide effective marketing tools for black businesses needing an inexpensive way to expose their products and services to the online masses.

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