California Feeling the Bern

Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said a vast majority of Americans, specifically African Americans and other minorities, have an enormous amount of mistrust of the police.

“Our goal is to make police departments serve the people and not intimidate the people,” said Sanders during a Wednesday afternoon press interview with California Black Media.

With the June 7 Democratic primary approaching, Sanders spoke about the issues facing African-Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and the middle class all across California.

The Vermont senator reiterated his plans of re-thinking the war on drugs and getting rid of privately owned prisons.

“Our criminal justice system is very broken,” Sanders said. “We’ve got more people in jail than any other country. Disproportionately, African American, Latino and Native Americans; and we are spending almost $80 billion a year to lock up fellow Americans.”

The candidate for the nation’s top office said rival Hillary Clinton is an establishment politician. He said the former First Lady is an example of how the Democratic Party, which typically garners support from most Black voters, is not working in favor of the American public.

Sanders denounced Clinton’s support of the Iraq War and said instead of funding the American war machine we should invest in inner cities where the schools are failing and citizens can’t afford housing.

“We need a political revolution,” he said. “We do need a government that’s representing all of us and not just the one percent.”