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The Next Level:  The Prosperity Tool   

Bring more wealth into your life now ... you deserve it!

$3.99 ($1.99 with discount code)



The Prosperity Tool by AMP video will improve the wealth in one’s life drastically in a short amount of time using well-known techniques used by gurus and millionaires, as well as ancient effective strategies that correlate with the Universal Law.


By following the steps asked in the video, get wealth desires provided for as long as the intention is for the better good of the person(s) involved by using "Prosperity Tool by AMP."  Use it when you feel your finances are complicated, stunted or not where you want them to be.


The 17 min. video uses a special combination of specified music, iso tones and videos to ensure best results and to immediately bring about prosperity in a short amount of time.  

For best results, use headphones. 


NOTE:  Not recommended for those on psychotropic medications, or those who have had head surgeries or metal plate replacements.  For best results, use headphones.  Download The Prosperity Tool here!


Disclaimer:  Although many people have positive results from using video or music with iso-tones, this product is for entertainment purposes only.

FREE:  How to demonstrate the Prosperity Vacuum Law by AMP

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