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             Use this ultimate known strategy to    

                change luck in 12 minutes or less!   


FREE for the 2014 New Years Special!


By following the steps asked in the video, get desires, wants and requests provided for as long as the intention is for the better good of the person(s) involved.

Use it 3 times or more a day or when life seems to be too overbearing.  
The 12 min. video uses a special combination of specified music, iso tones and pictures to speed up one's luck process and to ensure results.
  For best results, use headphones.


NOTE:Not recommended for those on psychotropic medications, or those who have had head surgeries or metal plate replacements.


Send us your public feedback after watching this video and receive next video FREE called "How to demonstrate the Prosperity Vacuum Law by AMP"(Passcode to next video is sent via email.)  Go to next video here!


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Disclaimer:  Although many people have positive results from using video or music with iso-tones, this product is for entertainment purposes only.

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